Experience skin rejuvenating power of Eternelle-B formula in delicious, convenient mini pack that complement women on-the-go. Eternelle-B formula is created with a precious blend of patent ingredients derived from natural sources. It contains Korea premium hydrolyzed collagen and Korea patent GreenNAG, hyaluronic acid, to keep your skin firm and plum at all times.




Consume Direction :

1. Pour directly into mouth and drink water.



2. Take 2 sachets every morning on empty stomach for new user     

初次使用 :建议每天两包 , 空腹食用以达到最好吸收效果


Take 1 sachet every morning on empty stomach for maintenance    

长期保养 : 建议每天一包, 空腹食用以达到最好吸收效果

Eternelle B (single box)




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