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You can use these animations for a variety of effects, such as a character walking, a truck shifting weight, or a swoosh of a car door. These animations can also be applied to nonmodeled 3D or 2D content. In this article, you’ll learn how to animate basic 3D shapes like cubes, planes, and cylinders. The full animation tutorial is available in the Creating Animations in SketchUp video tutorials. Preview Your Model Preview the finished animation in the following video tutorial. In this video, you’ll learn how to add an animated object to a scene in SketchUp. Creating an Animation in SketchUp Note: This tutorial is for an early version of SketchUp. There have been several major changes to the interface since this tutorial was created. For the most recent changes, see What’s New in SketchUp 2018. Step 1: Open the SketchUp Animation Module Open SketchUp and then the Animation Module (SketchUp > Animate > Animation). The animation workspace should look something like this: Step 2: Add an Animation to Your Model In this animation, you’ll add a cube to the scene. Double-click the cube to open its pop-up menu and select “Add from Animation Library.” You’ll have the option to choose any animation in the animation library. You can select multiple animations and play them in sequence. For this animation, select “Walk.” Step 3: Move the Animation Move the animation by dragging its window. You’ll notice that the animation window is not locked to the edge of the 3D view. You can move the animation relative to your model in order to make it easier to view and interact with. Step 4: Set the Animation’s Properties Open the Animation Window and you’ll see the following: Add: Enter the desired name for the animation. This name will appear in the Animation Library. Name: Enter a descriptive name for the animation. This name will appear in the Animation Library. Duration: Enter the number of seconds that the animation will last. Play Count: The number of times the animation will play in sequence. Play Delay: The number of seconds between each frame of the animation. Repeat: Check the box next to this option if you want to repeat the animation




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